The Resources page is where you can find free printable PDFs (download, save, print & share), Bible Study resources, and links to helpful websites and other links and resources. We hope what you discover on this page will be a blessing, drawing you into a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Printable PDFs

We will add printable PDFs regularly, so check this page often!

Bible Study Resources, Websites, and Other Media

We will add additional resources & other media regularly, so check this page often!

Christian Search Engine

Middletown Bible Church

Dr. Leighton Flowers – Biblical Salvation – Soteriology101 on YouTube

Old Path Ministries

Chris Quintana Old Path Theology on YouTube

Enduring Word Bible Commentary from Pastor David Guzik

Enduring Word with David Guzik on YouTube

Enduring Words for Troubled Time with David Guzik on Apple Podcasts

Blue Letter Bible Institute

Lighthouse Trails Research Project

Lighthouse Trails – A Light Shining In The Darkness

Lighthouse Trails Publishing on YouTube

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis on YouTube

Jesus Revolution Movie


Athey Creek Christian Fellowship | Through-the-Bible teachings with Pastor Brett Meador

Athey Creek on YouTube

Athey Podcasts (Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast)

Athey Creek Devoted | Audio Podcast | Women Devoted to God’s Word (Athey Women)

4|12 Church | San Jacinto

Hope For Our Times with Pastor Tom Hughes on YouTube

Prophecy Update with Pastor Tom Hughes Podcast by PodBean

SearchLight with Pastor Jon Courson

Searchlight with Jon Courson on YouTube

SearchLight with Jon Courson on Apple Podcasts

Peter-John Courson

Applegate Christian Fellowship

Christian Artist and Apologist, Melissa Dougherty

Ex-New Ager, Melissa Dougherty on YouTube

The Melissa Dougherty Podcast on Google

The Melissa Dougherty Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Learn to Think Biblically with Pastor Mike Winger on YouTube

BibleThinker on Google Play

BibleThinker on Apple Podcasts

Geeky Christian with Dr. Shawn Nelson on YouTube

Defending Inerrancy

Cliffs of Hope, Ireland

Cliffs of Hope on YouTube

Living Waters

Living Waters on YouTube

Living Waters on Parler

Flourishing Today Shop

Flourishing Today on YouTube

Flourishing Today on Facebook

Expedition Salvation

The Daily Grace Co. – Equipping Disciples in the Word

The Daily Grace Co. on YouTube

The Daily Grace Podcast

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Recommended Books



Debra Torres Author – Amish Fiction

Amish Book Reviews with author Debra Torres on YouTube

Parenting Resource & Fun Stuff for Kids

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We will add music regularly, so check this page often!

Check out the SheBelieves Co. Playlist on Spotify

Official Website for Daniel Amos, Terry Scott Taylor and the Swirling Eddies

Terry Scott Taylor on YouTube

Terry Scott Taylor on Patreon


Celtic Worship on YouTube

Steph Macleod on YouTube

Integrity Music

Integrity Music on YouTube

An excellent resource for online Christian ministry.

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