All Means ALL

By Robin Spradlin

It’s a simple three-letter word – A-L-L. Yet, in Scrabble, it earns a whopping three points. Sometimes we fail to realize just how big the little, low-point word can be.

When the Apostle Paul wrote to the church at Philippi in chapter four, he gave them, and consequently us, a preview of how big ALL can be.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19 KJV

We tend to tie this verse to financial matters above other needs, mainly because finance is a significant chunk of what we need in our modern society. Also, the Apostle comments in a handful of prior verses about the church in Philippi as the only church that communicated with him in giving and receiving. The word communicated refers to sharing with others, distribute, and be partaker. So, the text lends itself to an economic context.

Over the years, I have read this verse and thought, “Yeah, God supplies my need,” but wholly overlooked the word all. It’s so small and seemingly insignificant, but let’s investigate its great worth today.

When I study Scripture, I am prone to look up definitions of the words in a Greek or Hebrew dictionary, depending on where I’m studying. In this instance, a Greek dictionary, since we’re discussing New Testament verses. In digging deeper into Philippians 4:19, I found several exciting definitions that I would like to share and hopefully give insight that God is looking to supply ALL our need, no matter what that need looks like.

Okay, but what is considered a need? The word need is #5532, which is defined: employment, an affair; also (by implication) occasion, demand, requirement, or destitution:—business, lack, necessary(-ity), need(-ful), use, want. One of its root words discusses “furnishing” what is needed, but we can see here a definition starting with “employment” and referring to “business.” It continues with lack, necessity, requirement, something demanded, and even destitution. So again, we can connect financial elements, but the words occasion, requirement, lack, and destitution give access to other areas of our lives and whatever need arises.

Do you lack confidence? What about time? Do the hours of the day escape before projects are completed? Is there a requirement or a demand placed on you that you cannot fulfill? What about emotionally? Are you facing challenges with retaining your joy and peace and not yielding to worry and fear? Or is your physical body, or the health struggles of a loved one, giving you fits? If I missed the situation you’re facing, fill in the blank with whatever your need is as we look at all.

That definition is a tad long, but when it’s distilled – all means ALL. All takes in every needany need, a daily need, the whole needas many needs as we could ever have, whatsoever they might be (the italicized words are words included in the definition). For me, this definition makes it easier to understand that God is interested in meeting every single need we have. He has a supply of help and provision far exceeding our minuscule requests. He wants to supply additional time and additional grace. He desires to provide financial support, and physical healing, to develop new abilities and influential positions that we had not recognized we possessed. He wants to supply all our need according to His riches in glory.

All Scripture quotes from King James Version.

Feature Photo by Zhen Hu on Unsplash


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