Making Time

By Adrianna La Tortue

Life is an endless succession we go through every day. We find that as time passes, we start to take on more and more responsibilities. We start spending less time with friends, family, and even God. One can be fully committed to God and miss attending church because they’re so busy with other tasks. We may desire or even make a concerted effort to find the time, but that isn’t the answer. We must make time. People always say, “I’ll find some time,” but they never do. You have to make the time. Every relationship requires a commitment, none more than our relationship with God.

I go to work five days a week and have school two days a week. The number of assignments I have is astonishing. It isn’t easy! However, I always make sure that I have time to go to church. I don’t physically attend church; I watch and listen to sermons online. Let me explain. I work at a grocery store, so my weekend hours are an absolute nightmare! One day, I’ll work from morning to afternoon, and the next day, from afternoon into the late night hours. Honestly, just looking at my weekly schedule drives me up the wall. In any case, you get the point I’m trying to make. My weekly schedule is unpredictable and doesn’t allow much planning and routine. So since the church service is in the morning on Sunday, I watch it when I come home from work. After a long shower and snuggling into my pajamas, I take out my phone, put in my earbuds, and listen to the sermon. “Why?” you might ask. That is when I make time with God. I have a busy schedule that I must work around to make time with Him.

I know God understands how busy our lives can become in this world. He knows our hearts. There is no set time for you or me to worship and hear an excellent biblical sermon. Many of my relatives attend church on Saturday, and that’s fine. Some go during the week, and others go on Sunday. There is nothing wrong with any of those options. If you make time for Him, He won’t hold it against you for not attending church on Sunday. Some believers stop attending church because they have to work during those same hours, others have debilitating disabilities or illnesses, and some cannot find a home church that teaches the Bible. But when they’re at home, they read and study their Bible, pray, listen to Christian music, and perhaps listen to a podcast about the Bible and what God wants to show us. So, it’s alright to be busy with your life, but you have to, at least, put in the effort to make time for God. He makes time for us every day, so why shouldn’t we commit ourselves to Him and do the same?

As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God.

Psalms 42:1

Ask the Lord to show you when, where, and how to make time to have fellowship with Him each day, each week.

Scriptures quoted from the New King James Version.


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